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Buobenmatt 1
6003, Luzern

via Cantonale 1
6676, Bignasco

Niederschönthalstrasse 2
4402, Frenkendorf

Munzingerplatz 2
4600, Olten


Winterthurerstrasse 13
8006, Zürich

Industriestrasse 1
8604, Volketswil

Via Chalchera 12
7505, Celerina/Schlarigna

Reherstrasse 21
9016, St. Gallen

Furkastrasse 107
3904, Naters

place du Marché 6b
1820, Montreux

route du Pavement 79
1018, Lausanne

rue de la Gare 46
2502, Biel/Bienne

Bodenacker 26
3065, Bolligen

route de Lausanne 1
1180, Rolle

Grand-Rue 12
Case postale 69
1180, Rolle

Nelkenstrasse 5
6060, Sarnen

Im Drissel 5
4104, Oberwil BL

Hauptstrasse 55
8750, Glarus

place Simon-Goulart 2
1201, Genève

Prättigauerstrasse 213F
7302, Landquart

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Economic activity March 2018

The pie chart of shows the economic activities of Leather and Shoes in this month. This month 16 companies were registered, 5 were updated and 33 businesses were canceled.

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Economic development statistics 2018

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